This Is Who We Are

We LOVE and have been cultivating cannabis for well over 15 years with gut wrenching failures and great SUCCESS!

Initially, we began growing by obtaining clones from cannabis clubs and close friends. Some of the clones that we obtained had either pest and/or disease. We quickly realized and understood that the best way to maintain a healthy cannabis garden was to start with a seed of high quality genetics, and limit what comes into your garden from outside sources. This is when we utilized our resources to form BASE. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with genetics at an affordable price, and to make sure that you have them when need you them.

BASE currently has 29 strains available from various, reputable breeders and 9 strains that we currently breed.

We know and understand the importance of receiving your seeds in a timely manner. This understanding is our driving force to making your experience pleasant and memorable.

BASE takes great pride in what we do, we want to be your go-to source for cannabis seeds.

Peace and Blessings!

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