Purple City Genetics – Saltwater OG – Auto Fem (3 seeds)

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Salwater OG Auto is a Indica Dominant Hybrid crossed with Saltwater OG and a Ruderalis strain. As a result of a selection and stabilization work, this variety retains OG’s remarkable aroma and effect and provides the gene that will make it flower automatically. Saltwater OG Auto offers dense, fleshy, top-quality buds, covered with a thick resinous layer of trichomes. It’s aroma combines floral and sweet notes on a diesel background, with a complex and persistent flavor. Saltwater OG Auto produces very robust, pest/mold resistant plants, that finish in approximately 10 to 12 weeks depending on temperatures and sunlight. It provides a generous production even though it is an Auto variety. We do not recommend autos for the novice hobbyist.