Romulan Genetics – Romulan, Reg (5 Seeds)


Romulan Genetics – Romulan, Regular (5 seeds)

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A slight variety of phenotypes can be found within these regular Romulan seeds, and that is by design from the breeders Romulan Genetics. A very homogeneous crop can be expected, but there may be some very special phenotypes that show up within the group. Romulan Genetics created this release by specifically choosing a Father and Mother plant, that varied slightly from each other. They set out to make something close to the initial batch of F1 seeds that Romulan came from. These seeds were created using old seed stock, that were approximated to be from the F1 or F2 original stock of seeds. The genetic variations will be slight, but during our testing we found several plants that stood out as completely unique compared to the general phenotypes often seen.

Romulan is extremely potent, with typically a medium yield. She has excellent trichome production, is fairly resistant to most issues growers deal with, and is a very easy strain to grow overall. Her tastes and smells are made of primarily pine and skunk, with several undertones and notes of Eucalyptus, Mint, Sandalwood, Earthy, Spicy, Peppery, Hash, and a hint of citrus. Excellent bag appeal, and is very pungent. Will require filters if you are concerned with smells during flowering.